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I invite you to explore the conscious media pieces featuring Flow & Create below.


I found the course really helpful and the meditations were brilliant (Emma's meditation voice is the best I've listened to!). For someone new to it all, it showed me how effective meditation could be, in a way that you don't get with apps. I feel like I now have the tools to use when feeling stressed. During the course, I slept consistently well, which I put down to the practices we leant. Emma communicated the material in a clear, interesting and inspiring way.

Sarah Purvis, Head of Content at Digital Raddish

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Mindfulness for Stress & Burnout

I help people find more calm and control by giving them tools to navigate modern life with more ease. Book a mindfulness course, workshop or a one-to-one with me.


Yoga for Synergy of Body & Mind

My classes focus on finding connection through embodied movement, where you can escape on the mat to find clarity, expression and creativity. Flow with me. 


Marketing for Wellprenuers

I help wellbeing entrepreneurs  market themselves with confidence and reach their dream customers through a marketing roadmap for success. Join my next marketing course or workshop.


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